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Pimalai Resort & Spa 碧玛莱水疗度假村

Exterior view

Pimalai is a rare resort whose architecture has been designed entirely around the natural contours and lush vegetation of over 100 acres
and a 900-meter private beach. The elegantly-designed pool villas, set highin the verdant hillside, allow you to indulge in nature. From here, you will see the enchanting reality of thousands of years: virgin forest enveloping steep, flowered hills climbing up to a blue sky. The tranquility, the abundance of flora, the exquisite views, the fiery sunsets, all combine to maximize the sensation of being in Nirvana. Indeed, the name “Pimalai” translates as “heavenly”. Enjoy an intimate, romantic dinner on your terrace, sip champagne while dipping in your pool, or perhaps enjoy a soothing massage in your sala… Live, laugh, love and indulge in moments that will be remembered long after the holiday.

碧玛莱是一个难得的度假胜地,其建筑 已完全围绕自然轮廓设计,拥有超过100英 亩的茂密植被和一个900米长的私人海滩。 设计优雅的游泳池别墅,高高耸立在青 翠的山坡上,让您尽情享受大自然。从这 里,您可以欣赏数千年的迷人风景:陡峭的 原始森林,花朵紧簇的小山与蓝天相接。 将宁静丰富的植物群、壮丽的风景和火 热的日落结合起来,最大限度地呈现涅槃的 感觉。事实上, “碧玛莱”意为“天堂”。
在露台享用浪漫的晚餐,一边沐浴一边 品尝香槟,或者在凉亭享受舒缓的按摩… 生活、微笑和爱将在长假后被铭记。

Pimalai has long been a favorite. I was delighted to feature this exemplary resort over the past four years. Little has changed. It is still mesmerizing, the beach and waters a marvel, the food superb, activities splendid, the yacht a special treat. What a majestic pedigree. Built in 2001, this refined and stylish resort (a member of the Small Luxury Hotels of the World) has been meticulously managed. Getting there is a thrill: We splashed along on the sleek Pimalai craft – salty, tropical breezes on our cheeks, cold drinks in our hands – gliding over a translucent sea.

碧玛莱一直是我最喜欢的度假胜地,我 很高兴在四年后能评价它。 几乎没有变化,它依然优雅,神奇的海滩 和水域,精湛的食品,精彩的活动,游艇简 直是一种特殊的享受。 这里的建筑物始建于2001年,外观十分 雄伟壮丽。人们精心地经营与管理着这个带 着时尚范儿的度假胜地(世界小型豪华酒店一员)。 到达那里后,宾客将会十分尽兴:他们可以花大量时间去欣赏碧玛莱的手工艺品,用脸庞感受咸湿的热带海风,手捧着冷饮,视线随着透明杯子划过大半个清澈的海洋。


Tel: + 66 (0) 23 205 500
99 Moo 5, Ba Kan Tiang Beach, Ko Lanta District, Krabi 81150, Thailand


  • The Horizon Pool Panorama
    The Horizon Pool Panorama
  • Hillside Ocean View Private Pool Villa One Bedroom 1
    Hillside Ocean View Private Pool Villa One Bedroom 1
  • Private Dinner On The Beach Night
    Private Dinner On The Beach Night
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