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Yaang Come Village

Yaang Come  Culture Boutique Hotel
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Located in the center of Chiang Mai and only short stroll from vibrant Night Bazaar, the Yaang Come village boasts of Thai architectural buildings amidst verdant greens which shelter various exotic birds. Right in the heart of Chiang Mai, underneath the shade of the gigantic 50 year olds, Yaang Tree, you will find yourself wrapped up in the traditional Lanna atmosphere, amidst the aroma of botanical surroundings.

It is truly an oasis of beauty and serenity surrounded by the ever-growing city. The hotel’s unique architecture show-cases the rich history and culture of northern Thailand. The centerpiece of the resort is the old and majestic Yang Na tree, using its large, lush canopy to shade the Yaang Come Restaurant where guest can enjoy their meals.

42 traditional Tai-Lue rooms, equipped full furnished and private balcony with garden view and pool view. Yaang Come Village contains many traditional elements but still manage to be modern and provide all the amenities you could need.

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